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Droeloe Impresses With The Official Release Of Studio Album 'The Art Of Change'

In today's dynamic world of electronic music, where blending genres is the trend but not always done right, Vincent Rooijers, who we all know as DROELOE, hits the nail on the head with his album, The Art of Change. This isn't just any music mix – he's seamlessly blended pop, dubstep, hip-hop, classical, and electronic.

Now, it's not just the music that catches the ear. Every track is a journey. Vincent spices things up with voice memos and sound bytes from both human and AI sources, giving us a sneak peek into his musical evolution.

But there’s another layer. In partnership with Funi, they've created immersive visual experiences for each track – envision 360-degree animated universes. So it's more than just listening; it's about truly experiencing the music.

For those who follow DROELOE, diving into The Art of Change is more than just pressing play. With hidden surprises, mysterious codes, and an option to send notes to your future self, it's not just music – it's an adventure. It makes us question the very nature of electronic music and our place in it.


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