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Duckworthsound and Yaman Team up on "Tonight" with an interesting behind story

UK powerhouse Duckworthsound just teamed up with Hong Kong and Los-Angeles based producer Yaman to release energetic tune "Tonight", a forward-thinking, bass house gem that definitely has an interesting story behind it.

How the song is made:

"Yaman went to London a year ago, and while taking some alone time in a cafe listening

to some music, an embarrassing moment happened and his earphones accidently got

unplugged; bass house music started playing. Luke (Duckworthsound) happened to be

sitting on the same table, and they started talking about DJing, producing music etc.

They went to the studio afterwards and wanted to meet at night after the studio session.

The song idea was done during the afternoon, and so they named it “Tonight” since they

would be meeting up again that night. Then the song was mixed and mastered when Duckworthsound went to Hong Kong for a huge show and they decided to release it now."

We always talk about how Music unites people and this is exactly how we 'define' it... Music does unite people.

Hailing from the UK, Duckworthsound is making his mark worldwide with his unique

bass heavy sound. The 23-year-old London-native already has an impressive catalogue

of hard-hitting releases on Mad Decent , Confession , Insomniac , Armarda , Mixmash ,

Hysteria and Thrive . Along with multiple releases on Skink & Eph'd Up Records as of


Following up with festival weapons such as “Bring in The Drums” a collaboration with DJ

4B , he began garnering support from the likes of Diplo , DJ Snake , Laidback Luke , 4B ,

Borgore , Dyro and many more! Following 2018's stack of Trap & Bass releases

gathering over 2,500,000 streams, 2020 has seen Duckworthsound take his innovation

to new heights with such tracks as “Bump N Grind” and his Represent EP constantly

evolving to something refreshingly new.

Yaman has started his career in 2015, advancing his astounding production capabilities

mainly on genre such as Bass-house, dubstep, hard style and pop music. Before

stepping into Electronic Dance Music scene, he was a beatbox artist that performed and

battled around the whole Asia. That inspired him and led him into Dance Music.

Yaman has released his first song "Another Day" and had a huge response from the

scene locally, featured by a lot of press and media. Following up on the first success, he

immediately secured a collaboration with one of China's best Hip Hop rapper,

Dough-Boy , released individually "The Pain" together.

All the songs he has released previously are based on his personal life, and the idea

behind is to 'write what I have experienced through music'. He has also supported a lot

of well-known artists such as Headhunterz , Showtek , Da Tweekaz , San Holo , Mike

Perry , SayMyName , Crankdat , Yellow Claw and much more.


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