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Egzod Drops Bass-Heavy Single “Machine” Featuring Aleesia

Egzod is making sure to stay busy this year, already putting out his 5th original song in 2020, following successful releases on NCS, Lowly and Future Generation. The Portuguese/French artists’ name stands for for “Exodus” in French; the mass departure of people who are traveling to a new world where technology and nature are perfectly balanced, something that explains why Egzod’s music is so rich instrumentally and sonically.

In his latest single “Machine”, out via Future Generation, the charismatic producer enlists talented singer Aleesia, whom listeners might remember from her hit singles alongside Martin Garrix with “Gold Skies” and Robin Schulz with “Love Me Loud”. Their joint collaboration is a stunning and explosive tune, bringing together unique world music elements with bass stabs and bright synths, all under Aleesia’s heavenly vocal lines.

“Machine” is a record about inner strength and the power in persistence,” explains Aleesia. “There’s nothing more motivating than being underestimated; there is nothing more satisfying than facing adversity and coming out stronger because of it. Youth, more than ever, need to be reminded that a healthy mindset includes confidence, determination & drive, and anybody who tries to belittle or demean you, does not deserve to be in your life, affecting your energy. When the going gets tough, WE get tougher. Believe in yourself. keep running. Keep going. Never stop. And don’t let anyone ever forget... You’re a Machine.”


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