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Fabian Mazur shows his smooth side with new single "Bipolar" Feat. Sad Alex

Bipolar is the new single from Danish producer and artist Fabian Mazur. The track is a warm R&B track and features vocals from LA-based artist Sad Alex. It takes the listener on a ride with organic soundscapes and then breaks into a bass-driven hook that is guaranteed to bring the summer-vibes. Bipolar was originally written and recorded in a session in 2019 at the Red Bull Studios in New York. Fabian then re-did the production back in his studio in Denmark and took the track in a R&B direction with analog synthesizers and sound-design. Fabian and Sad Alex has worked together many times before and has credits on several releases but this is the first official collaboration between the two.

"Bipolar is a very special record for me as it’s been through so many different versions. Sad Alex & I initially wrote the record in New York in January of 2019 and it ended up just sitting on my computer for a while. It was a baile funk crossover record and felt cool but it was trying to be too many things at once. In 2020 I then opened up the project and completely redid the track with analog synthesizers and new sounds. The new Bipolar was created. I loved making this track with organic sounds and I feel like it really brings the warm vibe of summer! It’s a bit different from my usual dark-sounding trap tracks so I really hope that the world is ready for this sound"


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