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Feint & MYLK Join Forces On Thrilling D'n'B Adventure In 'Beyond'

Coming in hot from the drum and bass scene, we've got a fresh single that's going to make your speakers bounce. Feint and MYLK, two popular name within the broader scope of electronic, have come together to drop their latest track, "Beyond."

Feint, a name that's become synonymous with technical production and unforgettable stage presence, and MYLK, known for her catchy blend of J-pop and dance that has racked up millions of plays, have served up an exciting, energetic track. And let me tell you, it's more than just a beat – it's a musical journey.

"Beyond" is a fast-paced wonder. It's like being on a high-speed train, the percussion driving forward with all the energy of an unstoppable force. Add in some smooth, soothing female vocals, and you've got the perfect contrast to keep the track balanced.

If you've keeping up with the dance music space for a while, you've probably heard the bass power of the talent Feint. As for MYLK, the same applies, representing a corner of the culture is a independent and unique manner.

"Beyond" showcases the creativity of Feint and MYLK, their commitment to their craft, and their knack for creating energetic, moving music. So, if you're up for some serious drum and bass magic, you better not miss this one.


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