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Fyex teams up with Nulteex for viral Brazilian Phonk track "Tuca Tuca"

Rising stars Fyex and Nulteex have joined forces for the infectious Brazilian Phonk track "Tuca Tuca." With Fyex's previous hits "Jenny From The Block" and "Superior" amassing millions of streams, this collaboration has further elevated the tracks popularity.

Upon its release, "Tuca Tuca" gained traction on various platforms, including TikTok, where its infectious beats and catchy melodies quickly caught on. The track became a popular choice for users to create lively and engaging videos, contributing to its rising popularity.

With their collaboration, Fyex and Nulteex successfully created a vibrant and trend-setting Brazilian funk/phonk track, solidifying their places as talented producers in the genre. Their dedication and passion for music allowed them to create a piece that resonated with listeners, capturing the essence of the Brazilian funk/phonk movement while infusing their own unique flavors.

You can stream Fyex & Nulteex - Tuca Tuca below:


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