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Habstrakt releases brooding and vocal-fueled groove single

Habstrakt is heading back over to Insomniac Records with his sophomore single, 'Gotta Be', a dark and melodic number forged in his signature style.

Coming off an astounding label debut on one of the most-heard label - Insomniac Records with his recent high-octane single 'Show Me', the French bass-house aficionada is ready to re-up on another appearance for the imprint. On his second single, Habstrakt sidesteps his more energetic inclinations and pulls back on the intensity ever so slightly without losing any momentum along the way. Check out the song here:

The Track wraps itself around a brooding vocal delivery, featuring racy lyrics about succumbing to your bodily urges. The desires run deep on this one, as does the overall vibe. Once the tension reaches its peaking point, though, Habstrakt breaks off an irresistible groove marked by rumbling basslines, cunning chords, kinky flourishes and a naughty nature making it damn near impossible to fight the feeling

Even though the festival big rigs are temporarily out of commission, the track has already started to get some solid traction within the livestream and radio space, with plays locked from Zeds Dead, Afrojack, CID and more tastemakers hopping in on the action. 'Gotta Be' is a much welcomed change of pace that could easily be indulged upon on a festival big-rig as much as it could within the confines of your own living room. Well, at least for now, we can bring on the festival-atmosphere with this song in our house party or gathering...

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