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HARBER Releases Euphoric 'Body Like' On Armada Music With Morgan Page And Sid TipTon

Veteran DJ/producer Morgan Page and rising star HARBER have teamed up on an epic release that's been promptly titled "Body Like." The release features the quaint vocals of the one and only Sid Tiptin, which adds some excellent sauce onto an already tasty track. The messaging behind the release is open to interpretation in terms of the exact meaning, but seductiveness and romance are themes that are undeniable with it.

The journey through "Body Like," is crisp and clean, with groovy sample choice and a fun feeling mood throughout. The song has an upper-tier, popular quality to it, which would make it no surprise to hear it on radio or in the midst of a festival set.

“After teasing ‘Body Like’ in my sets for months – it's finally coming out! I love piano house and it's the perfect match with sid's vocals. Just in time for those late summer vibes. Excited for everyone to hear it!” – Morgan Page

Morgan Page is nothing short of an A-list artist who has been in actively focusing on his career for over a decade. He's charted to #1 multiple times on Billboard, Beatport, US Dance radio, and, on top of this, has many millions of streams to his name. Between his weekly radio show and touring schedule, he's also often commissioned by Telsa and SpaceX to work on projects with them. This is only the start of the Morgan Page history. This guy has a story to tell.

HARBER is a hard-working NYC-based talent, himself having charted on Billboard before the age of 25. His often colorful and melodic house based sound has earned him support from dozens of press outlets, Spotify editors, Sirius XM BPM, terrestrial radio, and more. The man is a machine and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.


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