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Heyder and Brieuc bring us the tune of "Space Star"

I'm feeling exactly like a "Space Star" launching into Space...

One of the best producer from Azerbaijan, Heyder has teamed up with Belgium producer Brieuc on "Space Star". Both artists are showing immense talent and promise in the music industry, where the song showcased the unique blend of each others' style.

I cannot get enough of this track and it is such a great tune to listen to over and over again because it soothes my earbuds everytime.

Marking his second release of 2020, Heyder has delivered some catchy yet melancholy tunes for all of us to enjoy. Although you might notice that "Space Star" is driving us some 'mood' here, it is definitely a song to listen to while we are having some 'alone time', to reflect ourself on personal life.. career.. and so on.

While you're reflecting yourself, you may listen to the song below:

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