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Reaper talks about his anticipated "Renegade EP" and what he has coming up in 2020

We had the pleasure of interviewing Reaper, one of today's leading names in the bass music scene. We talk about his new Renegade EP, his favorite artists and many more!

For the people who have been hiding under a rock for the past few years, tell us more about you and what you do?  My name is REAPER and I make insane bass music. I am building the gateway that can open up drum and bass to a bigger audience in the USA.  What inspired you to create the Renegade EP? “Renegade” is a story of uprising. It’s the sounds of aggression, swagger, and triumph involved in the desertion of an evil machine-led government. When I wrote the EP I was inspired by civil rights protests and punk culture---it felt very relative to the narrative that I’m beginning to unfold.   What's your favourite track of the EP? Barricade. It's so heavy and repetitive and gives me unlimited energy. What challenges are you currently experiencing as a Producer /  DJ and How has COVID-19 affected you?  Unfortunately my MMW shows, my tour dates with Kayzo, and my first couple festival opportunities were all postponed or cancelled. On top of that, the isolation from being stuck at home is harmful to my creativity, but I’m teaching myself to make the most of these circumstances.   What are your favorite artists at the moment? My favorite artists change all the time, but today my favorites are definitely Millbrook, Buunshin, and Bassnectar (so stoked for his album this summer).  What do you have planned for the future of REAPER?  New music, collaborations, live streams, touring, and most importantly, I’m beginning to tell the origin story of REAPER. The future of REAPER is going to be very layered and activate every aspect of the fans’ imagination Anything you would like to announce to our fanbase? I’m about to be a part of a live stream on May 14th with one of my favorite labels and promoters and it's gonna be CRAZY. Also, I've got something special that I’m working on for my Australian fans in June. 

You can stream "Renegade EP" now on all platforms:

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