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Jaxxtone takes you on a journey into his world with new EP nAtuRal mO0D

Venezuelan producer and songwriter Jaxxtone, also known as Duis Nulla, and also as Bitter H. So many personalities, but all of them are the same person. Each one of them has its own sound, with Jaxxtone usually being associated with the Trap scene. With the ‘nAtuRal mO0D’ EP out on August 28th 2022, Jaxxtone is back on Tribal Trap after having released ‘Ad Astra’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Breathe’ on that label, demonstrating once again that he has the capacity to produce high-level Trap songs. This EP is now part of a long list of Jaxxtone releases, the most popular ones being ‘Get Away’ (Tuvali) and ‘Gave To Me’ (No Copyright Sounds), earning respectively 4.7 million and 1.8 million streams on Spotify, which led him to signing a publishing deal with Mad Decent Publishing and Hipgnosis Songs Group.

This EP is perfect for any music listener as each one of the songs has its own universe and sets a different mood. Six songs that highlight melodic and vocal elements combined with the typical Trap sounds : 808, hi-hats and snares. Throughout ‘nAtuRal mO0D’, Jaxxtone will take you on a journey to his world with simple but effective productions and melodic sounds that reflect the calm and relaxing part of his personality. Although each song tells its own story, like the more robotic and technologic side on ‘AI’, or ‘nAtuRal mO0D’ and it's more organic sound, this EP is the perfect example of what to show to your friends if they ever ask about Jaxxtone’s signature sound and style.

Stream nAtuRal mO0D here:


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