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Jon Suarez Signs 'Social Distortion' to Fedde Le Grand's Label Darklight Recordings

Jon Suarez has been hitting high marks across critical areas in his career. "Social Distortion," is the next step he's taking and is a natural fit when considering both is style and the direction of Fedde Le Grand's label, Darklight Recordings, which has chosen to sign the tune.

"Social Distortion," is the 3rd release to be signed to the label and shares plenty to offer within. An all-compassing house setting is put into motion through a keen selection of samples. When it comes to the drums, a hypnotic house temperament softens up those who listen. On the end of the melody, comes a full-ledge accompaniment with keys that have both a serious mannerisms and playful simultaneously as the aura is well suited for a club atmosphere.

"Social Distortion," is steady and infectious, a tough challenge to accomplish and a characteristic that's doesn't always come easily.

Jon Suarez states this about the release:

"Social Distortion" was a challenge I set for myself to expand on my sound and repertoire as a producer. Vibey house music is what I love to produce and this track is very different from that and what people have heard from me in the past. The song is really uplifting and big; it's emotional as well. The plot behind the title, was to spotlight the social issues we face, how distorted we seem to be in the world now a days. I'm working close with my team to create an awesome music video to bring that plot and vision together. Stay tuned!


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