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Kēvens Release Raggae / Drum & Bass Hybrid In 'Legal Dreamers'

Casting a vibrant, invigorating sound across the music world, Kēvens unveiled his much-anticipated single "Legal Dreamers" on June 23rd. He ingeniously intertwines the earthy beats of reggae with the pulsating energy of drum and bass, creating a sonorous tapestry that transcends the confinements of genre. In particular, Kēvens has firmly rooted himself in the ascendant global drum and bass sphere with his innovative compositions.

A multifaceted artist, Kēvens' performances resonate with listeners through his vocal dynamism, compelling musicianship, and visually arresting dance interpretations. His groundbreaking performance at the ULTRA Music Festival in 2000 brought live drum and bass into the global limelight.

Kēvens' music reverberates with messages of unity, diversity, and positivity. He's collaborated with music royalty, including Stephen and Damian Marley, aligning his style with a true to roots style as their own. "Legal Dreamers" encapsulates Kēvens' spirit – it's more than music, it's a call to transform the world through harmonic understanding.


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