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LLUCID Unveils Definitive Anticipated Debut Album: 'Deep Blue Dreams

LLUCID's highly anticipated debut album, Deep Blue Dreams, embarks on a remarkable musical odyssey, unveiling his immense talent, innovative style, and boundless creativity. The album cover, adorned with Edgar Koop's captivating artwork, mirrors the ethereal and dreamlike essence encapsulated within its tracks.

The title itself, "Deep Blue Dreams," encapsulates LLUCID's immersive and imaginative approach to music. Blurring the boundaries between fantasy and reality, his sound resonates deeply with a global audience, transcending borders and defying categorizations.

Despite being a debut album, LLUCID's musical prowess shines through. With a background in music studies in Mannheim and collaborations with notable artists, he has already established himself as a rising star. The duet "Wasting Time" features the acclaimed artist Kimbra, creating a spacey and heart-wrenching sonic experience.

LLUCID's versatility is evident throughout the album as he seamlessly blends various genres and influences. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Frank Ocean, and Bon Iver, he weaves a tapestry of dark and mysterious, yet vulnerable and heartfelt sounds.

Each track on "Deep Blue Dreams" transports listeners to a realm of piano , unique soundscapes, and moving lyrics. From the heavy hitting style of "Manifest" to the melancholic clever vocals in "Cast Away," LLUCID showcases his ability to evoke emotions with profound intensity.

At just 26 years old, LLUCID has emerged as a remarkable German musician, singer, and producer. "Deep Blue Dreams" is a great timestamp of both where he is as an artist and where he's going.


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