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Lost Identities’ New Single “I Won’t Want You” Is Bass-Driven Pop At Its Finest

Marking their 6th release this year, Italian duo Lost Identities have finally returned with “I Won’t Want You,” which might make for one of their strongest efforts to date. The two producers have long been captivating international audiences with their melodic takes on trap and bass music for some time now, and this latest single captures the essence of their sound perfectly.

Starting off with mellow production and a lavish topline which nicely leads the way towards the drop, “I Won’t Want You” is driven by a story that details a broken relationship. Bringing together immersive melodies and anthemic brass stabs, Lost Identities are able to showcase their genre-bending style masterfully throughout the engaging arrangement.

Made up of Andrea and Gianluca, Lost Identities was launched back in 2018, resulting in over 10 million collective streams just on Spotify, as well as a plethora of exciting live performances, where the duo performs instruments such as ROLI, flute, duduk, keyboards, and drums. Bringing together Gianluca's expert sound design skills and Andrea's classical background, they are able to craft multi-layered anthems, and capture the hearts of many.


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