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'Love Hertz' An EDM Novel Worth The Read

Love Hertz is a book written to entertain those within raver culture and beyond. The angle of this piece of literature focuses on a main character Taj Das. The main character is eager to make something of himself and find love all in the same ago - a relatable testament to start things off. He then discovers a sonic frequency entity that has supernatural abilities. He uses this new-found gift to create music that the world is the moon over for. This new aspect built into his music career skyrockets the trajectory of his path, and the story goes on from there. The book was written by Aaron Mostow, Kevin Flores, and Rodolfo Tagle III. The work clearly took many hours, if not hundreds, becoming a well-crafted piece of art that's unique in the music-centered world of electronic.

Adding on to the goodness, they've released a soundtrack that goes along with the book. Epikker, Noah Lowman, Mansion, Frank Royal, and Earthquake State all have their shot at putting their ideas into audio form and have it brought to life through this soundtrack. The different moods within the soundtrack is dynamic, but all the releases have a catchy groove to them and are easy to connect with.

Sync yourself up with something a bit different in electronic music culture, the authors and artist behind Love Hertz are trying something different, an act that should be rewarded by support.

Buy the book here.


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