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LUXLEY Drops Forward-Thinking Gem “All On The Line”

Over the past years, LUXLEY has undoubtedly impressed fans and industry professionals alike with his unique musical output, experimenting with all kinds of melodic electronic music and showcasing his immense creativity. The US-based producer released his debut EP Spirit via Rude Fox Records in 2016 as well as a handful of singles last year, and is now back with a big release for his first single of 2020, “All On The Line,” drawing inspiration from esteemed photographer Guido Argentini.

Drawing inspiration for music from a condition called chromesthesia, which allows him to subconsciously convert sound to color in his mind, he brings his artistic visions to life through blending creative from both music and visual art. When listening to “All On The Line,” LUXLEY hears the colour silver, and thus the coinciding visuals with the release showcase a stunning collection of photos, featuring LUXLEY covered in silver, metallic paint.

In a world where fear and uncertainty is rife, “All On The Line” paints a picture of optimism and courage. A great combination of high-energy, psychedelic builds and future bass drops, “All On The Line” is a multi-sensory experience with a strong message.

“The recent coronavirus pandemic demonstrates how the power of technology and modern medicine, both represented by the color silver, allows us to resist the age-old ravages of mother nature and move forward. In other words, mankind is no longer chained to the plow.” - LUXLEY


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