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Mazare And AMIDY Create Moment-Capturing Experience In 'Otherside'

Awe-inspiring, emotional, and captivating all in the same go, Mazare and AMIDY were clearly meant to work together by the sound of "Otherwise." Signed by Seven Lion's beloved label Ophelia Records, the track sweeps up the disposition one may currently be in and converts your state of being to be one of hopeful optimism. The charming synth feel and sedating vocal inclusion is apart of the allure, along with the genre switch ups - going from a melodic bass structure during the first half and then throwing in some drum and bass later on. Clever design and a rich theme is at the heart of what makes this track special.

Mazare is building up anticipation around is Wide Awake and Dreaming EP, "Otherwise," being impactful ammo to do just this. Currently set to include 4 tracks, if this EP is anything like the single, the experience is going have success written all over it.

AMIDY is no stranger to cinematic vibes, this guy being in tune with himself on a deep level - an aspect which plays as a positive within the music that he makes.

There's a ton of grand momentum that surround this song and upcoming EP, get a taste of why this track hit's so wonderfully via the link below.


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