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Mel Ody Releases Stunning Single “Flying”

Mel Ody just released his latest single “Flying”, a light-hearted pop song that is undoubtedly going to be drawing in a lot of attention. The rising artist has been slowly but surely making his mark on the scene with his unique blend of electronic pop and orchestral sounds, and “Flying” makes up for yet another gem that’s been added to his ever-expanding discography. 

Out via Suit of Bullets, the single is characterized by a minimal yet explosive instrumental, filled with subtle string harmonies and impactful brass stabs. The drums are large and moving, while the stunning female vocal lines on top of everything are definitely an attention-grabber, resulting in an infectious vibe that is bound to impress. 

“It’s been almost a year since I started working on “Flying”; I was at my second home in the countryside, probably my calmest time of 2019,” says Mel Ody. “At that time I was feeling like I wanted to explore different genres and tempos, and when I came across that sparkly little piano riff, as well as those beautiful vocal chops who set the fundamentals for the song, I knew I had something.”

Check "Flying" below:


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