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Message North Shares New EP Blank Slate Via Tasty Network

Having made a name for himself under his aliases Message North and Hurks, Dustin Heck is a forward-thinking artist from Knoxville, Tennessee, consistently expanding his catalog over the past years with the goal of establishing himself within the music scene. Using his introspective music to document his life and personal struggles with emotions, character and mental illness, Message North now returns to Tasty Network with his fresh EP Blank State, following his latest release in the label, following “Perfect Soul” featuring P3RIPH3RAL and Ashley Apollodor, under his moniker Hurks.

A sonically stunning 4-track project, Blank State undoubtedly is Message North’s best work to date. “Traveler” serves as the perfect opener to the journey, driven by expert sound design and deep bass. “Talk” and “Blank State” keep the vibe going in an infectious way, while closing track “Maybe” wraps up the whole EP perfectly; after this massive project we can’t wait to hear what Message North might be preparing next.

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