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Michael Walls Reveals 'The Truth' With Groovy Electronic Vibe

Self releasing the track in early April, Michael Walls is making slick moves in 2022. "The Truth," is a solid introduction to the vibe he's been putting out there. From the album art, to his personal brand, to the sound itself, it's clear Michael Walls is the type of guy that doesn't lets any part of the experience fall through the cracks. Many musical layers intersect to make this tune pop, piano rhythms help set the mood while other core aspects begin to due their work. From start to finish, a feel good atmosphere comes shining through as the stylish sound samples do the heavy lifting. "The Truth," has an innate nature that pulls you in and keep one's attention glued.

It's no wonder that Michael Walls has been able to secure the success he has thus far. Music has been a deep part of his life nearly from the beginning. He has over 15 years of of classical piano training under his belt, a solid foundation to flourishing musically. After shifting his focus to electronic music and putting in the time to work on his DJing skills, Michael Walls began hitting a positive tipping point in 2017 as his international recognition began to pick up. Yet, it was 2019 where things really blew up, beginning to get invited to locations such as Ayia Napa and Ibiza - some seriously coveted spots.

"The Truth," is one part of a greater picture when it comes to the move that Michael Walls is making.


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