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O Cinnedi Drops Impressive Bass Gem “Pride” Ahead Of New Project

Multitalented artist and producer O Cinnedi is back with one of her most exciting projects to date, dropping experimental bass anthem “Pride.” An awarded dancer with multiple performances all over Canada and at Disney, as well as an experienced event planner, O Cinnedi prides herself in using her knowledge and connections to promote positive change and inclusivity within the music industry.

“Pride” is one of the most unique bass singles we’ve heard this year and for a good reason. It is the first in a series of releases centered around the classic story of Dante's Inferno, that will slowly allow O Cinnedi to unveil exciting new music, artworks and music videos representing each of the 7 Deadly Sins. “Pride,” which marks the first sin, is filled with explosive bass drops, grainy textures and an abstract arrangement, making up for a stunning sonic result.

“This track is the first of my project called ‘Seven Deadly Sins.’ ‘PRIDE’ is about how we all deal with our own demons and sins, being able to understand them is the way we are able to change ourselves for the better,” O Cinnedi explains. “Pride connects to us in ways of how we create ourselves, but also what is used to create a living hell. Pride is the game of ego we play with ourselves to think we are better than others. How we look at ourselves connect’s so much to this. Pride can be a sin of hate you can completely lose yourself in as does the model that is depicted in my music video soon to come is being drawn to her own pride and losing her mind through it.”


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