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Oomloud unleash insane track 'Weight of the World (ft. Willemijn May)'

Dutch duo Oomloud has been delivering bangers continuously for some time now, not only as their own artist profile, but especially behind the scenes. Together with Willemijn May, known to true Soave fans as the singer of Wankelmut and Bhaskar's 'Heartbeat', they now release a first single on the Dutch label. Weight of the World" is a perfectly balanced vocal house track with a touch of summer and a good portion of energy!

The two Dutchmen Rutger van Gelder and Rutger Baeumer, characterized by their bouncy and energetic club sound, formed their band Oomloud after successfully working on their individual careers when they found the infamous "click" in the studio. In just a short time, they have managed to build an impressive discography with a long list of originals, remixes and co-productions that have been streamed over 13 million times on Spotify by listeners around the world.

Singer-songwriter Willemijn May (1998) combines absolute honesty with top-notch songwriting and a unique style in her songs. Her debut single at the age of 15 was her breakthrough in her home country, the Netherlands.

With 50 million streams, she is now ready for more. Her new single is written from the heart, by an artist who stays true to her own feelings, vision and style.


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