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Orang Utan Drops Riveting Dimitri Vegas Edit Of Single 'Sugarmama'

Germany has contributed some of the top performers and creative minds since the birth of electronic music. The newest future superstar to come out of the country is the creative duo of Orang Utan. Hailing from Hamburg, these exotic artists wear eye-catching masks when they choose to reveal themselves.

One thing that has drawn loads of attention toward Orang Utan is their cutting-edge, uplifting house sounds These gifted producers flawlessly merge electro-funk, progressive house, indie, and other genres together into a melting pot of infectious EDM. This sound is clearly evident in their 2021 debut single "Who's Your Love", released on the renowned Ultra Records. The track performed well to say the least. It's success and that of Orang Utan's follow-up single "What Goes Up" has gained over three million collective streams.

Now, Orang Utan has teamed up with progressive icon Dimitri Vegas on their new anthem "Sugarmama". This invigorating track infuses piano, soothing vocals, and an energetic bassline to light up any dance floor in its presence. Due to the fact that Orang Utan has already blessed crowds from LA to Berlin with their sensational mixing abilities, you can expect to see them play this infectious number live in the coming year.

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