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Touring Talent Pagu Teams Up With Chloe Moser On Indie-Pop Vibe 'You Always Do'

From the gritty origins of Detroit Techno to the digital innovation of today, artists have constantly reshaped the soundscape. Enter Pagu, a name that’s recently emerged from the depths of the Florida panhandle, but whose sonic and visual antics have caused quite the stir. His recent release, "You Always Do," could be considered his strongest release to date. The track masterfully blends indie-pop elements with electronic soundscapes, with Chloe Moser lending her voice to create a captivatingly bittersweet vibe.

Behind the stage moniker, Pagu, is Jonah Tatum is many things: a recording artist and a man handy when it comes to technology. Pagu's meme-embracing nature, carefree branding, and dedication to his craft cannot be understated. A DIY artist to the core, Pagu's meticulous hands sculpt every beat, every byte, and every pixel of his online persona, creating a holistic and immersive experience for his audience.

Pagu's refreshing blend of humor and artistry stands tall. By laughing in the face of convention and cheering on the rawness of creativity, he compels us all to step out of the usual and embrace the eccentricities that define us. Join Pagu in this uncharted terrain; it promises to be a journey like no other.

Pagu has a bit more up his sleeve for the month of September. After wrapping up dozens of shows in 2023, he is taking off on the 'Dream Forest' tour with a few friends, find a stop near you. Get tickets here.


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