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Ren Zukii's WAKAAN Release '10 Hour Shower' Is Bass-Lover's Must-Hear

Ren Zukii is making another strong impression with the release of her single "10 Hour Shower." Uniqueness isn't a theme that only comes out in here song titles - from her brand to her sound and beyond, this young rising star it's hitting all the right spots for the industry to take notice.

Australian raised, she's been immersed in electronic virtually all of her life, dance culture carrying her through various stages in childhood and her engaging back with it and becoming apart of it more as the years passed.

Zukii's entry into SAE Institute at 21 was major turning point. Honing in both her skills and building here network during these times that would lay the ground work for great things to come.

"10 Hour Shower" boasts addictive experimental bass elements, blending epic bass with heavy-hitting themes that go above what one could have expected when they clicked play. Released on WAKAAN, a co-sign on a label such as this paired with a sound that absolutely slaps is one part of a greater whole, that makes this experience so intriguing.

If you haven't, dive into her catalog to get a taste of everything she's brewing. Ren Zukii is the future and isn't to be slept on.


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