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RIELL And Alex Byrne Team Up To Release Catchy Gem “Oh My God”

Within just the span of a year, RIELL admittedly took over the electronic music world as an in-demand vocalist, a direct result of her work ethic and unmatched talent. The singer and songwriter has already amassed millions of streams on digital platforms and collaborated with the likes of Besomorph, Coopex, Unknown Brain, Anthony Keyrouz, Arcando and many more, while simultaneously working on her debut album PARADISE, which is scheduled for release this fall. 

Continuing her busy release schedule, RIELL has now dropped yet another tasteful single on Nightblue Music, teaming up with rising producer Alex Byrne on “Oh My God”. The song is undoubtedly a summer gem, fuelled by bright, tropical production and catchy drum-work, while RIELL is the star of the show, showcasing her empowering and relatable lyrical work once again. RIELL explains:

“We made “Oh My God” with the idea of it being a summery anthem that you can't get out of your head to give you that confidence boost or feel-good boost when you need it most. It was written as an eye roll to an ex-lover who won't stop crawling back and is missing the memo that you've moved on and are happier than ever. I wrote it to remind myself to not go back and to stay resolved in my decision that everything is for the best now.”


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