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Riordan Brings The Power With 'Needle On The Record

Riordan's release "Needle On The Record," is officially out after much anticipation and playout from the artist. The track, dropping on Gorgon City's "Realm" label, is not just a song but a beacon of Riordan's evolving artistry.

“Needle on the Record” is a striking example of this talent's ability to blend genres, merging classic UK garage (UKG) elements with the angelic styles of house music. The track’s distinct mix of suspenseful drops, combined with dirty synths and breakbeats, showcases Riordan’s unique style in pushing the genre’s boundaries. This release is a narrative of his growth as an artist, having been inspired by Gorgon City since his teens.

The song has already created waves across the 2023 festival circuit, becoming the most requested ID in Riordan’s career. It’s a track that has resonated not only with his fans but also with industry heavyweights, earning support from notable producers such as Mau P, Gorgon City, Seb Zito, Joshwa, and Kyle Watson.

Riordan's journey to this release is a tale of inspiration and perseverance. The inception of "Needle on the Record" can be traced back to the classic 80s track under a similar name by Criminal Element Orchestra, which was suggested by his father and then Riordan transformed into a modern masterpiece. This process, taking six months and multiple versions, underlines his dedication and meticulous approach to music production.

Beyond this single, Riordan's impact on the music scene has been significant. Following the success of his early 2022 Latin hit “No Hablo Espanol” and the viral TikTok track “Reflection,” he’s steadily carved out a niche for himself and continues to do so. His collaboration “La Samba” with Wax Motif on Nervous Records further solidified his standing.

Looking ahead, Riordan is set to make 2024 a landmark year. With a slew of IDs gaining traction and “Needle on the Record” leading the charge, this young British producer is fast becoming a pivotal figure in the ever-evolving tapestry of UK house music.


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