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Rolls Rollin’s New Single “Another” Is A Pristine Example Of Dancefloor Mastery

Juxtaposing intricate trap rhythms with explosive dance sections, Rolls Rollin’s latest gem “Another” is undoubtedly made for the dancefloor. The Toronto-based DJ and producer has been consistently dishing out high-caliber singles over the past couple of years, positioning himself in a unique place as a trailblazer within dance music. A skilled and charismatic performer, Rolls Rollin takes pride in blending the barriers between the audience and the stage during his explosive DJ sets, taking his crowd on journey every time, while bringing the room together with one goal: to go hard and have a great time. “Another,” which is out now via Rollin Royalty Records, is the perfect example of Rolls Rollin’s dynamic sound. Driven by intricate trap production and energetic vocals, it immediately gets into action, keeping listeners engaged as the arrangement makes its way toward the drop. “Another” eventually flips itself into a house banger with the help of thumping kicks and groovy basslines, making for an infectious and hard-hitting take on dance music.

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