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Ryan Vandal Drops First Ever Release Under This Alias Via 'Single For Now'

Growing DJ/producer known as Ryan Vandal is trying different things in 2022. He's already a well-known figured on many levels in the DJing world, being booked for gigs from whether it be private, corporate or even events shown on television. Taking the next natural step, he's dropped "Single For Now," a debut for him and solid launch toward a new frontier. The release is in collaboration with Law, and seems like it was meant to happen. The toplines fits beautifully above the instrumental Ryan Vandal has put into place. The sound is all around catchy and the variety of samples used been one of several aspects that dynamic here.

Currently residing in the state of New York, having a foot in music has been a pursuit for this talent through most of his life. Once he put his mind to DJing, things changed for the better and now he's established a demand that anyone would be proud of if in his position. He's played events around the country and some outside the borders of it. Considering how he's played the field in the DJing world, things are looking promising for the now-budding music side of things.


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