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Enter The Groovy World Of SHERM & BLUPRNT In 'Real Life'

"Real Life," the latest offering from Chicago's electronic music scene, is a collaborative masterpiece from DJ/producer/entrepreneur Sherm and the city's dynamic duo BLUPRNT, released through Hood Politics. This track isn't just music; it's an electrifying journey into the heart of Chicago's underground vibes.

Within the song boasts upbeat melodies, groovy moments, and an all around good time built into one track. Sherm and BLUPRNT have bottled the essence of a peak-time club experience and infused it into "Real Life." Each segment of the track is carefully engineered, with the breakdowns and drops building on each other, creating an ever-escalating landscape of sound that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Sherm, fresh from his ADE showcase and recognized by Beatportal as an artist to watch, brings his seasoned expertise to this collaboration. His ability to blend and bend genres is evident in the track's layered complexity. BLUPRNT, on the other hand, adds a fresh energy to the mix. Their sound, a fusion of tech and bass house, compliments each other's style perfectly. The duo has been turning heads this year, with their music catching the attention of industry heavyweights and their performances making waves.

Follow these guys and see what they do next - they are making moves and aren't to be slept on.


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