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Experience The Energy: So Dope Releases Epic, Dark Bass Song 'Ruckus'

So Dope is carving out a unique space, mixing and remixing the city’s varied sounds. His latest track, “Ruckus,” blends OG trap, Drum and bass, and Reggae, this track is all about making a statement at festivals and raves, showcasing So Dope’s commitment to music that makes a difference.

With a bunch of new tunes lined up for 2023, So Dope is going all out like he has never done before. You can expect he will play these bangers out like, something he's done alongside names like RL Grime, TroyBoi, Flosstradamus, Nghtmre, Nitti Gritti, Juelz, and Walshyfire (Major Lazer). It’s all about exploring new sounds and growing the groove.

“In my last EP, I gave people a piece of my heart while still making music that you can dance to. Throughout those tracks, I wanted to tell my journey as an artist thus far. With Ruckus, my intentions were to create something that could hold up at a festival or rave with a head-nod to OG trap, Drum and bass, and Reggae. My goal is to always create art that makes you feel something.” - Ruckus

So Dope is keeping the experiments coming and drawing from all sorts of musical influences. As he dives deeper into his dark side era, the future’s looking sound for this electronic maestro as he continues to shape the tunes and add his unique flavor to the music scene.


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