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St. Mary Drops Impressive Music Video For “FIRE TO THE BLOCK” Featuring Reo Cragun

Being introduced to the scene with her 2020 single “Blind” alongside Misdom, that has since gathered more than 500k streams on Spotify, St. Mary masterfully blends trap, future bass and pop into a cohesive sound that is bound to captivate audiences from around the world as her career slowly but surely picks up steam.

Following the release of her single “FIRE TO THE BLOCK” featuring Flume-collaborator Reo Cragun, St. Mary has now finally shared her biggest music video to date, adding more context to the story of the anthemic song. Featuring a large number of actors and locations, the visual for “FIRE TO THE BLOCK” displays an intense and bittersweet story of finally letting go of what holds you back and setting yourself free from the people around you who are dragging you down.

“‘FIRE TO THE BLOCK’ is all about that abrupt moment of emotional outburst – a time when all the disappointment you felt and overlook you got from people has climaxed and then finally set free, hence the bittersweet undertone throughout the song. Producing this track felt like that outburst to me and I really wanted to convey that feeling to my listeners which is how the ‘bigger-than-life’ instrumental breaks came in,” explains St. Mary about the video.

“We filmed the music video for it while I was still working on the song which ended up playing a huge role in how they both developed. I approached them as one major project and so every creative decision I took on the video would then affect my production on the song and vice versa. The first and last scene of the music video shows a time bomb tied onto me which turns the feeling like you are about to explode into something literal and represents that emotional state. The video ends with a scene showing the bomb having one second to explode letting the viewer decide whether it goes off or not – sometimes we decide at the last minute to hold everything in instead. The blow-up only exists in our imagination and then the story just repeats itself.”


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