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Tadeo Fernandez And Amber Rothschild Put Together The Best Of Both Styles In 'Super Wild'

In the throbbing realm of tech-house, Tadeo Fernandez’s musical genius is brilliantly showcased in the latest sensation, "Super Wild." Born in Guadalajara, and raised up by Miami's vibrant music scene, Fernandez's production skills harmonize flawlessly with Amber Rothschild's passionate vocals. The soulful timbre of Rothschild’s voice casts an enchanting spell over the track’s high-energy resonance.

"Super Wild" is on point on so many levels. The song, now available, throbs with a sophisticated and club-ready energy, underscored by resonant basslines and hypnotic rhythm. The immersive soundscapes reverberate with a potent allure, making it an indispensable addition to any club playlist.

Fernandez, famed for his chart-topping tracks like "Peaceful" and "Deep Lies," has previously shared the stage with titans like Dimitri Vegas and Bizrrap. His tracks, celebrated by millions of streams, and collaborations with esteemed brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger, affirm his distinguished status in the industry.

"Super Wild," electrifies the listener, coursing through the veins like a bolt of euphoric delight. This track, sure to captivate the masses, is a gleaming example of Fernandez's inimitable style and Rothschild's emotive vocal depth.


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