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The Bergamot releases Ear-Soothing Single 'L.A.'

So many great songs have been written about heading out west, but not so many about leaving.

The husband-wife duo from the post-industrial town of South Bend was reviewed as "The Hottest emerging music talent" by People and "a gorgeous sound" by Daily Mirror.

The song 'L.A.' was originally written in the key of C, but it was dropped to D to help deliver more of a crooning timbre for the lead vocals. The duo is hoping the song speaks to the emotion of moving on, whether it'd be love - or dreams, 'L.A.' attempts to illustrate an emotional perspective where you have to let go, but hopefully, not lost. You may check out their full song and astounding Official Music Video below:

The song contains what we have come to know as the Duo's sonic signature - a harmonious cacophony of layered vocals over a minimal mix, resolving into a tailspin of sounds including looped pianos through guitar amps, guitars through synths. Definitely taking all of us to it's final resting spot as the harmonies begin their final chant "Goodbye L.A." - "I want to believe in you" - "Goodbye L.A." - "I want to believe in you"...


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