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The FifthGuys Team Up With Coopex And Godmode For “The Kid”

The FifthGuys are undoubtedly aiming to take over the music industry this year, unleashing one massive collaboration after another while always making sure to develop their sound and offer fresh ideas. Following successful releases such as “Shock Therapy” with Lost Identities and Biometrix, as well as “Odds Are” with Thatsimo and RIELL, the Italian duo are now teaming up with French producer Coopex and rapper Godmode on explosive single “The Kid”.

The single, which comes out via Magic Records, is a great combination of hard hip-hop music and explosive drops, while it showcases all the qualities that make all three collaborators special. Godmode’s fast-paced flow and charismatic bars steal the show in the beginning under an infectious trap beat, while the drop drives the arrangement home, dominated by gritty bass and a wall of synths. 


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