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TONY Nails Eclectic Dance Pop Vibe In Junior Release 'Angels and Devils'

"Angels and Devils," is the third release from rising talent TONY. Modeled after the style of the K-Pop genre, she's hit the nail on the head on many levels with this song. Bringing forth a balance between the east and west with the sonic influences put together on this one. The tune is a certified earworm, containing hooks in both the vocal and instrumental, the two aspects together acting as an infectious force of nature that gives a solid impression of TONY.

There's some good and evil in each of us and there's choices we can make each day that put us deeper down each road. We have free will, one path or another is going to happen in the end. It's these story elements that the song touches on, are we going to listen to the angel or devil that's on our shoulders?

Listening back to TONY's other two tracks, an idea of what her signature sound is can be sensed across the arc of these song. With a brand concept that's well-suited too, there's lots to enjoy about solo artist TONY.


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