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TREVR releases Signature Sound Single Spectrum.Exe

"My favorite part about TREVR is how the story will continue developing over-time and I look forward to the future projects I have planned. Recently, I was working as an actor for the latest Matrix 4 filming so that was incredibly inspiring."

The single features TREVR's signature sound that involves menacing basslines, futuristic overtones and uplifting melodic themes. One of the most attractive and yet addictive part is the break down of the song between 1:30 - 1:37, it feels like the futuristic atmosphere has ended and the person involved has just gone back to Earth. The beats kicks in back again at 1:37 and it feels like the mood is 'reborn'. You may stream it here:

The TREVR project is a fictional story about a protagonist that represents personified malware in a tech-noir dimension. Consequently, he remains anonymous for understanding the forbidden verity of his environment. TREVR creates music as an encrypted broadcast to weave within the cyber-space, hoping to reach others that seek an enlightened reality.


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