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UNIKID Comes To Frequency Music To Unveil Stunning Debut EP “In Times Past”

Filled with intricate yet explosive gems, UNIKID’s debut EP ‘In Times Past’ is finally here and definitely worth the wait. The Amsterdam-based musician has been teasing his first body of work for some time now with singles such as “Out of Love” and “Kids for Life,” and it’s safe to say that the full project does not disappoint.

Coming to digital platforms via Frequency Music, ‘In Times Past’ spans over 7 tracks and makes up a digital diary for UNIKID, who used it to document personal stories and events from the past years. A truly diverse listening experience, it combines radio-ready dance songs that can make your heart melt, with introspective and rather ambient pieces, that combined make up for a solid listen.

“The EP is intended as a kind of digital diary for myself, to close an important period for myself. All the songs of the EP contain stories from the past period and that way I was able to close those stories and save them to maybe look back on later. It is also not only a digital diary for myself, but also for others. In this way I want to close this period, to make room for a new period. The EP is a way for me to process my memories and events,” explains UNIKID.


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