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Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno Boast 'SYNTHETIC SANDS' Ahead of June 17th Academy LA Event

At the esteemed Academy LA on June 17th, 2023, prepare to witness an extraordinary live performance by the dynamic trio: Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno. Tickets to their event, where this song will be played out, can be purchased here. Their collaborative masterpiece, "SYNTHETIC SANDS," released under SEARCHPRTY RECORDS, will set the stage ablaze with its captivating house vibes, specifically designed to elevate mainstage experiences during the peak festival season.

Let's dive into the genesis of this epic collaboration. Vulture Theory, a Los Angeles-based electronic DJ/Producer, laid the groundwork for "SYNTHETIC SANDS," enlisting the unparalleled talents of HAWD HITTA and NoBueno to infuse their unique artistry into the mix. The outcome is a a one of a kind venture that bring together the best of all involved into one song.

Notably, "SYNTHETIC SANDS" is a milestone for HAWD HITTA, marking their triumphant return since his previous release "Check This Out," and following a highly successful cross-country tour that left audiences craving more. This collaboration highlights what his style and sound is like in 2023 and showcases his evolution as an artist.

Vulture Theory, in particular, has become a trailblazer, renowned for his dynamic artistry and unwavering work ethic. With "SYNTHETIC SANDS," he puts his best on display, showcasing his what he's all about and where his sound is going. The release serves as a testament to his dedication and establishes him as a one to watch within the global electronic music scene. Fans of Vulture Theory can expect an EP release in 2023, further solidifying his position as an artist on the rise

NoBueno brings his A-game and unleashes a stand-out talent that adds an extra punch of sonic magic to the mix. NoBueno's contributions to the composition are like drops of pure bliss, amplifying the track's infectious energy. This collaboration is just a taste of what NoBueno has in store. As a rising star in the electronic music scene, he's not afraid to shake things up and think outside the box.

In essence, "SYNTHETIC SANDS" epitomizes the collaborative brilliance of Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno, placing them at a great spot and positioning them for epic things to come. Brace yourself for a moving, grooving experience that stands out amongst the flood or releases out there today.


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