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'What Do I Do Now?' Is Donatella's Launch Into Electronic Music

Young and her whole life in front of her, Donatella has launched into electronic music with her release of "What Do I Do Now?" Dropping with Create Music Group, the main focus of the song is the lyric video. The video showcases a dynamic balance of trippy effects, text shots making it easy to keep up with the messaging of the story, and a visual pairing of an upbeat deep house song.

The vocals are sang by Donatella herself, leaving her style on the table for the world to decided what their opinion is of it. Considering the wild growth the video has experienced on YouTube alone, it's safe to say this has been a success from the very start - Donatella reaping the benefits of dropping quality music the world needs more of.

Hailing from London, Donatella has had writing and singing in her life since the age of 8. When the pandemic hit, electronic and dance became something she latched onto and was passionate about.

In fact, the pandemic is what the verses of the song highlight. "What Do I Do Now?" being a reminder of the confusion and chaos that unfolded during those times.

Donatella will be dipping into the NFT space as well, aiming to release collectible mints that fit into her music brand some time this year.

Donatella has much to offer "What Do I Do Now?" launches off a long-term project that will be one of the greatest endeavors of this young artist's life.


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