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WinWel Unveils First Original Of 2022, “Sometimes It Just Feels Good To Be Sad”

Still buzzing off the release of his debut EP, Sweet Dreams, which featured collaborations with the likes of Lua Lua, Chris Egbers and Ollii, Dutch multi-talent WinWel has returned with one of his most exciting singles to date. Marking the first song where he lays down his own vocals - and hopefully not the last - WinWel has just landed on rising label 7clouds with “Sometimes It Just Feels Good To Be Sad.”

A truly stunning record, “Sometimes It Just Feels Good To Be Sad” finds WinWel come to terms with his nostalgic nature, while being driven by quirky sound design and ambient melodies. With over 4 million total streams on his catalog, as well as an official remix for Flux Pavilion in the bag, WinWel’s future is undoubtedly more than bright.

As the artist explains about the meaning behind the track:

“I wrote this song because I found myself feeling nostalgic and melancholic quite often, longing for sadness. And I realized that it can actually feel good to be sad, and that it’s more than okay to be. So I pictured myself, in the city where I grew up, sitting alone in the rain while listening to sad music with a smile. With that picture in mind, I wrote this song.”


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