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Get Lost in Wyatt Taylor's 'How U Want It' - A Haunting Journey Through Tech House & Techno

"How U Want It," Wyatt Taylor, the artistic guise of New England's Colton Stockton, blurs the lines between techno and tech house with quaint finesse. The track, a concoction of dark, pulsating rhythms crafted from dense synthesizers and a profound bassline, invites listeners into a worth that's dark, alluring, and all it's own - akin to discovering a hidden alcove within a nightlife oasis. Each listen unveils a new layer of sonic discovery, a nod to Taylor's skilled production.

The journey to this point for Taylor, real name Stockton, began with a trip to Europe, where he got properly caught up in Berlin's dance music scene. This was life-changing. Now, in 2024, Taylor's set to introduce a new live performance, promising a fusion of the diverse influences that have shaped his path in music.

"How U Want It" shows off his sense of playful experimentation with Ableton's Sting 64, Serum, and various drum modules. A serendipitous siren sample, captured from a passing Boston PD car, adds a novelty that is just the touch the song needed, hinting at Taylor's keen ear for incorporating real-world sounds into his compositions. As Taylor prepares to launch his own label, focusing on the rich textures of underground music, "How U Want It" shows off the keenness and quality this man will soon be known for.


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