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YoungWolf, TWSTD ZOO, and Scotty IV Team Up For Epic Bass Single 'Don't Slow Down'

"Don't Slow Down" is jam packed with huge drops, hard-hitting vocals, and a great sense of determination that speaks to the soul. The work is brought to us by YoungWolf, TWSTD ZOO, and Scotty IV. This cast of characters were clearly meant to work together, as all 4 heads have made a vibe that sends a shock down one's system, but also articulates itself as smooth and fluid, making it a banger that's easy to digest from start to finish.

A festival heater through and through, the song is set to be performed live at the Bar Cathedral located in Downtown Toronto, come Feb. 17th. The date will mark a beautiful moment in this track's particular history and bring the boys together when perhaps they normally wouldn't have had the time to gather 'round and celebrated the work they have made here.

From label releases, to upcoming projects, to being generally active on social that lets them spread their vision, each artist/artist group involved here has something to offer and is worth diving deeper into. Check out the song below and get to know YoungWolf, TWSTD ZOO, and Scotty IV.


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